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A passion for powerful market research methods

paczkowski_walIf you want to learn about some of the best (and worst) practices in market research, you will want to tune in to Analytically Speaking with Walter Paczkowski, PhD, founder of Data Analytics Corp. on March 18.

Walter’s passion for using and sharing effective market research methods is evidenced by the success of his company, his work as an educator, and his efforts to improve the way market research is done. He teaches quantitative courses at Rutgers and The College of New Jersey, and he is a Business Knowledge Series instructor for SAS teaching “Analyzing Marketing Data: Going Beyond Tabs and Bar Charts with JMP.”

Formerly at AT&T Bell Labs, Walter worked with Daniel McFadden, Nobel Laureate in Economics for contributions in discrete choice modeling. So, as Walter says, he learned from the best. Walter has had a lot of valuable input into the Choice Analysis Platform enhancements in JMP 12, including the Probability Profiler and the Multiple Choice Profiler. For more on that, including screenshots, see developer Melinda Theilbar’s recent post on Probability and Multiple Choice Profilers in the Choice Platform.

Walter sees a lot of over-reliance on spreadsheets for survey analysis, as well as simple summary statistics displayed in static pie and bar charts (usually, not the best ways to graphically encode the data). To really extract insights from survey data, Walter advocates interactive, dynamic tools to explore the data — that’s when you often find things you didn’t expect.

Walter is also a fan of looking at relationships across a series of questions. He thinks the new Multiple Correspondence Analysis Platform in JMP provides a great way to quickly and dynamically explore relationships between categorical variables, which are common in market research surveys. For more details on what’s coming in the new JMP 12 MCA platform, please see developer Jianfeng Ding’s post.

Join us for the live webcast with Walter on March 18 to hear from an expert and see some interactive, dynamic and visual enhancements to analysis for consumer and market research. If you can’t make it, you can always view the archived webcast on demand at your convenience. We hope you will tune in — not only will you get to hear from an expert, but you will also get to see some of the newest market research enhancements in JMP 12.

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