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Feb 27, 2013

A Tidbit About Tabulate

During yesterday’s Mastering JMP live Webcast on Shaping Your Data, one of the JMP capabilities presenter Jeff Hawes demonstrated was Tabulate (Tables>Tabulate). Here is a tidbit that folks found interesting.

Jeff: Tabulate is one of the data management tools in JMP. It is akin to a Pivot Table in Excel, but more interactive. By dragging and dropping into zones on a template, you create a multidimensional table.

Question: What is the advantage of using Tabulate instead of Summary (Tables>Summary)?

Jeff: There are two main differences. First, Summary only summarizes for rows - and the table is made up of records in rows with single-header columns. With Tabulate, you can group your rows and columns into subcategories and nest factors within multiple categories. For example, you can build subcategories like vehicle size for each car brand.

Second, Summary provides a data table, whereas Tabulate is a an interactive report that responds to dynamic, animated data filtering. In this example I apply the data filter to highway mileage.

Want to learn more?

• View a recorded demo on shaping your data.

• Register for any of our weekly live Webcasts in the Mastering JMP series.

• If you have JMP and want to play with Tabulate using the same data Jeff used, get Cars from your JMP sample directory.

Community Member

Gary W Lumpkin wrote:

A Tidbit About Tabulate - Excellent information. Thank you for including the link to "View a recorded demo on shaping your data."

Community Member

Michael Carrier wrote:

When using tabulate to combine my data that I had just brought in by using a script. If I take bottles in / Bottles out I get one percentage. I am trying to combine many rows of data to families of 4 by a defect. After I do the tabulate, my percentages drop when I do the same formula in the new table. Can anyone help me with this?

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