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7 Questions About JMP Training in 2009

The new JMP Training catalog is out, and you can get a PDF copy of it. Brooke Fortson of SAS Education offers some guidance on the training catalog and course schedule in the Q&A below. She talks about what’s new in JMP courses, how to know which courses to take for your particular job, why you may want to take a Live Web course, how you can get a deal on JMP training — and more.

Arati: There are a lot of new JMP training courses being offered in 2009. What are some highlights?

Brooke: Our newest course in JMP training is JMP Software: Stability Analysis. We offer it as a public, on-site course and Live Web course. This course specifically focuses on the evaluation and statistical analysis of stability data. It has been very popular, and we are excited to have it on the schedule in 2009!

In 2009, we will introduce the Live Web versions of JMP Software: Custom Design of Experiments and JMP Software: Introduction to the JMP Scripting Language. The addition of these two Live Web courses will be great for companies that are trying to keep their travel budgets to a minimum. It's instructor-based training from your office computer.

Arati: What are the most popular JMP training courses?

Brooke: Our most popular courses are:

  • JMP Software: Statistical Data Exploration
  • JMP Software: ANOVA and Regression
  • JMP Software: Custom Design of Experiments.
  • JMP Software: Introduction to the JMP Scripting Language

Arati: Is there a way for JMP users to know which courses are appropriate for their particular jobs or responsibilities?

Brooke: Yes, we address which courses are appropriate for particular jobs in the “who should attend” section in the JMP training catalog and in the “prerequisites” section online. We also have support staff who can help answer these questions (e-mail training@jmp.com or call 800-333-7660).

Arati: Tell me more about Live Web courses. What are they, and how do they work?

Brooke: Live Web courses allow you to use a Web browser and telephone to participate in an instructor-based course. An expert instructor guides your class and answers your questions in real time. With Live Web, you can take the class from your desktop; there is no need to travel. It is a virtual classroom – you have classmates and an instructor. You are even able to ask questions via the phone or text and receive answers in real time. It is a wonderful way to take a course without the cost of travel.

Arati: What kinds of discounts are available for training?

Brooke: We have several ongoing discounts available:

  • Early Bird Discount: Take 10% off the standard class fee when you register and pay at least four weeks prior to the course date.
  • Group Discount: Take 15% off the standard fee when two or more individuals from the same company register and pay for the same course together.
  • Power of 3: Save more than 30% when you enroll in three courses for one low price.
  • Enterprise Professional Training Offer: Pre-purchase blocks of training units and save up to 34% when you apply your units to JMP training courses.
  • On-Site Training Savings: Customers who have an annual license for JMP software are qualified to receive a 20% discount for five or more days of JMP on-site training.

Arati: What’s the best way for JMP users to sign up for training?

Brooke: You can register online at www.jmp.com/training or by phone (800-333-7660). There are also registrars available by e-mail (training@jmp.com).

Arati: Some courses in the JMP Training catalog are not on the published schedule. How do JMP users get access to those courses?

Brooke: You can book those courses on-site. An expert instructor can come to your organization’s location. We will teach critical JMP knowledge and helpful tips using a combination of expertly designed lectures and demonstrations, Q&A sessions and hands-on computer workshops. Benefits of on-site training include a curriculum tailored to your organization, extensive interaction with a JMP expert, a familiar environment and topics relevant to your organization.

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