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Nov 10, 2016

40 New Chapters of Documentation in JMP Genomics 3.1

Whew! I’m glad that’s over. It was really crazy for a while. Writing detailed documentation for over 30 new processes plus documenting all the updates to existing processes really kept me busy. But it was worth it! Not only did we add a lot more features to JMP Genomics (including a whole new section on copy number analysis) but we also made changes that make JMP Genomics more powerful and easier to use.

The documentation for JMP Genomics continues to evolve. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our users to choose a process, identify what they need to run that process, discover all of its features, see a practical example and evaluate their results. Currently, over 40 new chapters do just that. We will continue to add to that documentation as new processes are added to JMP Genomics and, at the same time, adapt existing documentation to this format.

JMP Genomics 3.1 is out the door and I can relax a bit. Wait a minute, didn’t the developers say they were starting to work on 3.2? Oh well, back to work…

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