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10 Reasons to Envision Yourself in Chicago

Chicago is a visionary city. And it is the host of Discovery 2009 and the Innovators’ Summit, Sept. 16 – 19, Swissôtel Chicago.

At JMP, we know that vision precedes success. Our software is designed to give you a clear vision of your data and the potential within it. Our conferences, Discovery 2009 and the Innovators’ Summit, are designed to cultivate the vision you have for your work and personal life.

I can think of 10 reasons why Chicago is visionary – and why it is the perfect place to inspire you to be visionary, too. Here are those 10 reasons, along with the analytic questions they might provoke:

1. Chicago, the band – The musical group had a vision to mesh the multicultural sounds emanating from the city, creating a rock ‘n roll band with horns. Chicago is known for 20 Top Ten singles, 12 Top Ten albums (five of which were #1) and sales of more than 120 million records.

How can you realize your vision in numbers?

2. Wrigley Field – Home of Babe Ruth's "called shot." He pointed to the bleachers in Game 3 of the 1932 World Series and proceeded to hit a homer.

How can you set a lofty goal, visualize its completion and hit one out of the ballpark?

3. Sears Tower – now known as Willis Tower, it was the vision of Fazlur Rahman Khan. At 108 stories, the tower was the tallest building in the world at the time it was built. On a clear day, you can easily see four states – Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.

How can you build on your vision and reach new heights?

4. Deep Dish Pizza – Its origins trace back to 1943 and restaurateur Ike Sewell. Surely, his departure from pizza as the world knew it was a risk; now it is an institution.

How can you envision business risks and take calculated steps toward long-term success?

5. Navy Pier – The multi-million dollar convention, cultural and recreation center is Chicago’s most visited attraction. Visitors can experience the Transporter FX virtual reality simulator and travel to Ancient Egypt or fly the Battle of Iwo Jima.

How can you simulate possible business solutions to enhance decision making?

6. Oprah – This Chicago resident communicates her vision through her roles as media personality of the highest rated talk show in history, literary critic and philanthropist.

How can you effectively communicate your vision to decision-makers in your organization?

7. The Chicago River – Originally home to the Illini and Miami American Indians, later to Fort Dearborn and now to suburbs, 45 movable bridges and some of the city’s architectural highlights, the river has continued to flow in an ever-changing world.

How can you evolve and adapt to changes that occur in your work and personal environment?

8. Chicago Theatre – Once referred to as the “Wonder Theatre of the World,” an opulent, French Baroque style made it the first lavish movie theater in the country.

How can you enact your most magnificent, over-the-top vision – and make it the first of many?

9. Union Station – It took 12 years to build, but it is one of the last grand American train stations standing.

How can you help your organization achieve longevity?

10. 2016 Olympics – Chicago has bid for the opportunity to welcome athletes and spectators worldwide to join in the games.

How can you maximize your opportunities when you don’t know what the future holds?

Please join us. Discovery 2009 and Innovators’ Summit will inspire your vision. Read more about what you can look forward to if you attend.

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