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Level IV

ROC-Curve & partial Area Under the Curve Analysis

ROC-curves are a very common tool to compare tests (in medical/clinical applications) or prediction models in general. Some time ago a former colleague Prof. Dr. Dr. meintrup.davidwrote a nice script that does ROC- and pAUC-analysis in JMP.


This is the latest version of the script and it is giving you:

  • ROC-curves for one or more tests
  • Bootstrap-, Binomial- and Kolmogroff-Confidence Bands for the ROC-curves
  • Weighted cutpoints
  • parcial Area under the Curve (pAUC)

I have started to write a mini-series on our Blog about this add-in and how you can use it: Statcon Comparing ROC-curves in JMP


Hi, I downloaded the script and run it but JMP 12 could not return back - NOT RESPONDING. any restrictions on the add-in?

Hi Sebastian,

I have tried tyo install the ROC add-in on JMP 13 - I can selct input data, but the add in do not return any results or messages. Is it only working within JMP PRO or do you have other suggestions

Hi all! 


I really appreciate the interest in this addin. Sadly the addin was writen a couple of years ago by a colleague and was not updated since then. Currently there is no chance for me to look in the code and fix it.

 I hope to find time to fix the issues at the beginning of next year. No promises though. :-(

I want to be so good, and charitable and thank JMP developers for the 13th version of a software program that I love to teach with. I've had it since version 5.0, with it's well thumbed paper manuals and to be honest nothing has been added that is of any value to me since that version. But loving version 5.0 as I did, I have happily and willingly upgraded each year. And then this script came along which is beautiful. I have set up a teaching session to show my students about ROC curves.... and I upgraded to v13...... and now it doesn't display the curves. If you can hear a sound, it is me weeping. Do you have a spare abacus?