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Mar 27, 2015

ROC-Curve & partial Area Under the Curve Analysis

ROC-curves are a very common tool to compare tests (in medical/clinical applications) or prediction models in general. Some time ago a former colleague Prof. Dr. Dr. meintrup.davidwrote a nice script that does ROC- and pAUC-analysis in JMP.


This is the latest version of the script and it is giving you:

  • ROC-curves for one or more tests
  • Bootstrap-, Binomial- and Kolmogroff-Confidence Bands for the ROC-curves
  • Weighted cutpoints
  • parcial Area under the Curve (pAUC)

I have started to write a mini-series on our Blog about this add-in and how you can use it: Statcon Comparing ROC-curves in JMP


Hi, I downloaded the script and run it but JMP 12 could not return back - NOT RESPONDING. any restrictions on the add-in?


Hi Sebastian,

I have tried tyo install the ROC add-in on JMP 13 - I can selct input data, but the add in do not return any results or messages. Is it only working within JMP PRO or do you have other suggestions


Hi all! 


I really appreciate the interest in this addin. Sadly the addin was writen a couple of years ago by a colleague and was not updated since then. Currently there is no chance for me to look in the code and fix it.

 I hope to find time to fix the issues at the beginning of next year. No promises though. :-(