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Jul 13, 2011

Model Diagnostics and Transformations

MDAT: Model Diagnostics & Transformations:updated to support JMP 13

April 2017: I am working on an exciting update to this addin.  If anyone is interested in testing it, please contact me through the community email.


This add-in aggregates various model diagnostic information into a single tabbed window.  The add-in also explores various transformation options that can be applied to the response(s).


The add-in automatically discovers Fit Model windows (least square models only), and generates the following information:



  • List of models, with summary fit statistics for each response



  • List of terms for the selected model



  • Half normal probability plot of effects.  To decrease clutter, abbreviations are used on the plot with a legend showing the associated factor names



  • Normal probability plot of residuals
  • Residuals versus response
  • Residuals by run order
  • Cook's Distance
  • Residuals versus each predictor



  • Box-Cox transformation test with user-friendly labelling for the lambda parameter
  • Model comparison statistics - various transformations are performed and comparison statistics generated, included a measure of complexity
  • Links from the model comparison tabulation allow these new models to be quickly launched and reviewed


Example Output



Video Demonstration



Very useful!  Thanks!

April 2017: I am currently in the process of updating this addin.  If anyone would like to try-out/test the new version please let me know.