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JMP 15.1 English Documentation PDF Files

Beginning with JMP 15, the Discovering JMP book, New Features, Quick Reference Card, Menu Card, and JMP Documentation Library PDF files are installed and linked in the Help menu. PDF files in the Help > Books menu are no longer installed.

JMP Documentation Library.pdf contains all books. However, some users might prefer the individual PDF files. Consider installing the JMP 15 English Documentation PDF Files in English add-in to create a Help > Books menu item with linked PDF files (such as Using JMP and Fitting Linear Models).


NOTE: This add-in is designed for the final production release of JMP. It is not updated for early adopter releases. 


It's great to have that in JMP 15.  Thank you very much.

I'm glad you found the add-in helpful.

Thank you Sheila.  Consolidating all the books into 1 document is probably my least favorite new feature.  I'm so glad to have the Books menu back!

@cwillden, thank you for your feedback! Several years ago, we split the JMP books into smaller books. For example, the Basic Analysis and Graphing book was split into two books -- Basic Analysis and Essential Graphing. To prevent the need for users to know which book to search in, we began providing the JMP Documentation Library PDF file. 


Some users like it. Others, like you, prefer the individual PDF files.


I will pass along your feedback to the development and product marketing team.


Sheila Loring

Manager, Technical Writing

Hi Sheila, thanks for this.  When customers ask for the add-in (as they just did at a JMP DAY)  I point them here because I assume you keep the current version updated here when/if you make any changes to the documentation.

@gail_massari That's right, Gail. The add-in is updated for each release. However, the 15.2 documentation wasn't updated, so the add-in won't be updated for 15.2. The 15.1 add-in will still be applicable.

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