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English Documentation Add-In

The Documentation add-in installs the individual PDF files for all JMP books, and the Documentation Library, which is a concatenation of all the books into one PDF. The add-in also installs a new menu from which all the local PDFs are available: Help > Documentation PDFs.


All the PDFs in the add-in are for the final production releases of JMP. They are not updated for early adopter (EA) releases.


The version of the add-in must match the major version of your JMP installation. For example, you can install the version 16.0 add-in into JMP 16.2, but you cannot install the version 15.0 add-in into JMP 16.2.


Install the Add-In

  1. Download the documentation add-in.
  2. Double-click the .jmpaddin file.
  3. Look for the menu Help > Documentation PDFs.

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