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Common Conversion Functions

Conversions 2.0 Author - Chris Costin

This Add-in adds custom functions for commonly used conversions to both the scripting and function library. To call these custom functions within a scripting window, simply type, "Conversions:name of the function"...


Here is a List of all of the conversions currently in the Add-in (To and From each pair)...


Millimeters to Meters
Centimeters to Inch
Centimeters to Meters
Inch to Feet
Feet to Mile
Meter to Kilometer
Mile to Kilometer
Square Inch to Square Feet
Square Feet to Square Meter
Square Feet to Square Yard
Square Feet to Acre
Square Kilometer to Square Mile
Square Mile to Acre
Kilojoule to Kilocalories
Kilojoule to Watt Hour
Kilojoule to Foot-Pound
Gram to Ounce
Ounce to Pound
Pound to Kilogram
Kilogram to Stone
Ton to Metric Ton
Atmosphere to Pascal
Atmosphere to Bar
Pascal to Torr
Miles per Hour to Kilometers per Hour
Feet per Second to Meters per Second
Kilometers per Hour to Knots
Celsius to Farenheit
Celsius to Kelvin
Cartesian to Polar
Radian to Degree
Fluid Ounces to Milliliters
Milliliters to Liters
Gallons to Liters
Cubic Feet to Cubic Meters
Cubic Yards to Cubic Meters
Seconds to Minutes
Minutes to Hours
Hours to Days
Days to Weeks
Weeks to Years
Weeks to Months
Months to Years
Cup(US) to Pint(US)
Pint(US) to Quart(US)
Quart(US) to Gallon(US)
Pint(US) to Fluid Ounce(US)
US to Imperial /* Works for most conversion - See Documentation */
Bit to Byte
// You can use the other time conversions for Light Time (SMHDWY) */
Kilometer to Light Second
Light Year to Parsec


/** Scripting Index Example */





/** Formula Editor Example */


Very useful Add-In.  Because it creates interactive JSL window and does not launch a platform script, the Add-In does not show up on the JMP Add-In drop-down menu.  So, if you are fastidious like me and want to check that it is installed, here are the steps.  After installing, VIEW>ADD-INS:


View Add-Ins.jpgView>Add-Ins


Then scroll to find Conversions #.#.  (Usually the last Add-In you included in JMP is at end of the list):

Add-In Status.JPGScroll to find Conversions#.#




So now I am using the Add-In to convert inches to millimeters so I can order tiles for a table I am making. 

1. FILE>NEW>SCRIPT to open a new script window.


File New Script.jpgFile>New>Script

2. In Script Window, type Conversions:, then hit CTRL Spacebar (on PC) to bring up display of conversion options, and then scroll to find/select the one you need.

Find Conversion Units.JPGScroll to conversion of choice

3. Put original unit value in parentheses after the Conversion string and right-click to turn on SHOW EMBEDDED LOG.  (After you run the script the converted units answer will display in the LOG.)


Add Value and Show Embedded Script Log.JPG

4.  Run script using the Run Script icon on Menu bar.

run script PC.JPG

5.  Voila, the answer is in the log.

The Conversion Answer.JPGConversion displays in Log


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