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USCOTS 2015: Exercises for Teaching Statistics Workshop Materials

Materials for the USCOTS 2015 workshop:Exercises for teaching statistics with simulations, resampling methods, and big data

This 3-hour workshop was provided on Thursday, May 28 by Mia Stephens and Julian Parris (JMP), Brant Deppa (Winona State) and Dick De Veaux (Williams College).

Abstract: In this workshop we will provide a series of exercises using simulations, resampling methods and interesting (and big) data sets for teaching and exploring statistical concepts in the classroom. We will explore how these exercises can lead to better comprehension and retention of statistical ideas, and students who are more statistically literate and more engaged in the exploration of statistical questions. We’ll close with a discussion of best practices for integrating exercises and cool data into the classroom.

The Powerpoint slides used during this workshop are attached.

Brant Deppa's home page is Brant Deppa's Website.

He has kindly posted his handout and workshop materials here: USCOTS 2015 - Exercises for Teaching Statistics with "Big" Data

Dick De Veaux's course data sets can be found at:  Course Data Sets | Richard D. De Veaux

The two data sets Dick used are Diamonds and Saratoga


Simulations and tools for resampling in JMP:

  • The Boston University Probability and Statistics Lab Add-in is attached (below).  This add-in includes built-in lab activities for exploring the binomial distribution, conditional probability, the normal distribution, and the Monty Hall problem.
  • The teaching modules are available directly in JMP 12 under Help > Sample Data > Teaching Resources > Teaching Scripts > Interactive Teaching Modules.  In JMP SE they are available directly from the Help menu (under Teaching Demos).  An add-in, with all of the teaching modules, can also be installed: Interactive Teaching Modules
  • A script for performing a permutation test for two means or medians is available in the Sample Data Directory under Help > Sample Data > Teaching Resources > Teaching Scripts > Teaching Demonstrations.  An add-in is also available:  Permutation Test for Two Means or Medians
  • The randomization test add-in is still under development, but its getting close!  We'll make an announcement when its ready for external beta testing.  If you'd like to be a beta tester please let me know.

The following exercises/lessons are attached (below):

  • The Demonstrate Regression Lessons, for exploring regression concepts with the regression teaching module.  Developed by Bill Duckworth (Creighton) for USCOTS 2011.
  • The ChallengeSet, provided by Julian Parris, for exploring concepts introduced in two case studies from the JMP Case Study Library. Julian developed these exercises for use in his courses at University of San Diego.

Other Teaching Resources:

Thanks to julian, Brant and Dick for participating!

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