Smoking and Lung Cancer Case Study

The Smoking and Lung Cancer case study and data.


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Odds Ratio for Retrospective Analysis:

Use the results of a retrospective study to determine if there is a positive association between smoking and lung cancer, and to (through mathematical manipulations) estimate the risk of lung cancer for smokers relative to non-smokers.  Key ideas:  Conditional Probability, Odds, Retrospective Observational Study.

JMP features demonstrated:

Analyze > Fit Y by X, the Value Ordering column property

Statistical/graphical tools used:

Mosaic plots, two-by-two contingency tables, odds ratios and confidence intervals for odds ratios, hypothesis tests for proportions (likelihood ratio, Pearson's, Fisher's Exact, two sample tests for proportions).


Statistics case studies provided by Dewayne Derryberry of the Math Department at Idaho State University.