Repeated Measures using Mixed Models (OPG)

Topics: Analyze repeated measures data using mixed models. Data in tall (stacked) format.

Category: Multivariate Methods

JMP features: Analyze > Fit Model.


Open One-Page Guide (PDF)

Watch short video:

@volker_kraft I watched your video, read the guides, but I still have some questions. Please, could you help me?


1 - How does JMP know which is the repeated structure in the model when using the Standard Least  Squares?


2 - Is there a difference in the analyses when I use the Standard Least  Squares versus the Mixed model platform for a repeated measures design?


2 - I have a data which when using the Mixed Model my "subject" is Chemistry*Rep. However, I'm not able to cross them (Rep and Chemistry) and add it as a "subject".  What could I do in this situation?


Thank you so much!

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