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Per Capita Income

The Per Capita Income case study and data sets.


Download the case study
Download the data set - 1
Download the data set - 2
Download the data set - 3

One-Way ANOVA and Kruskal-Wallis:

Use data from the World Factbook to determine if different geographic regions differ in overall wealth. Key ideas: ANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis Test, Transformations, Tests for Unequal Variances, Samples Versus Populations, Randomization (Permutation) Tests.

JMP features demonstrated:

Graph > Graph Builder, Analyze > Fit Y by X, Dynamic Transformations in Graph Builder

Statistical/graphical tools used"

Geographic mapping, histograms, log transformation, ANOVA, Welch's ANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis.

6684_per capita.png

Statistics case studies provided by Dewayne Derryberry of the Math Department at Idaho State University.