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Medical Malpractice Case Study

The Medical Malpractice case study and data.

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Descriptive Statistics, Graphics, and Exploratory Data Analysis:

Using descriptive statistics and graphical displays, explore claim payment amounts for medical malpractice lawsuits and identify factors that appear to influence the amount of the payment.

JMP Features Demonstrated:

Analyze > Distribution, Rows > Hide and Rows > Exclude, Graph > Pareto Plot, dynamic plot linking, Rows > Data Filter, Analyze > Fit Y by X (Oneway), and Graph > Graph Builder

Statistical/Graphical Tools Used:

Histogram, summary statistics, bar chart and frequency distributions, Pareto Plot, pie chart, and box plots.


This collection of business case studies was provided by Marlene Smith at the UC Denver Business School.

Note: Updated to JMP 12 May 13, 2015.

Fixed a couple of key strokes (for generating the Pareto Plot and turning on Auto Recalc)