JMP AP Statistics Workshop With Chris Olsen

The 2016 JMP AP Statistics workshop with Chris Olsen was held August 8-9 in the SAS Arlington, VA Office.  A second 2016 JMP AP Statistics workshop was provided by Daren Starnes July 11-12 in the SAS Irvine, CA Office.


In this workshop, we use the JMP Student Edition to explore a range of topics generally covered in AP Statistics, from basic graphics and summary statistics to linear regression and simulations.


Materials for the workshop are attached.12354_pastedImage_0.png  These materials include:

  • The workshop agenda
  • Data sets
  • Handouts with exercises and instructions for exploring data and conducting analyses using JMP Student Edition
  • A listing of sites for interesting data for classroom use
  • More


Here are links to some other materials used in the workshop:

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