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GFP - 2 to

Source: The data come from experiments carried out at the Golden Leaf Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC) of North Carolina State University. We use them to teach an introductory three-day DoE class for which we use JMP and laboratory hands-on activities.  


Motivation: The data refer to a replicated 2x2x2 factorial experiment. They can be used as a first full factorial experiment to introduce the attendees to several concepts. In particular one factor and all the interactions in which it is involved are not significant so it can be used to introduce the concepts of projection and hidden replication.


In particular, attendees carry out the real experiment in the laboratory at BTEC so they design, execute and analyze the experiments. This helps in understanding the concepts of designing, physical constraints, randomization etc..


Nice example, thanks for sharing! 

Can you provide any additional background information regarding the purpose of the DOE, the process and/or the factors? 

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The experiment refers to the production of the Green Fluorescence Protein (GFP) from a genetically engineered bacterium (E. coli). The production takes place in several shake flasks incubated in orbital shakers. The three factors refer to: inducer, the concentration of a chemical (IPTG) that is added to the
liquid inside the flask to induce GFP production; time, time from inoculation (start of the growth/production experiment) at which IPTG is added; temperature, after the addition of the inducer the temperature is
either lowered or kept at the growth temperature. After several hours the process is stopped, the cells collected and the final concentration of GFP obtained is taken as a response. 

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Thanks Marcello, this explanation is very helpful!

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