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Collection: Statistics Cases

A set of statistics case studies are available individually usng the links below.

Download the entire collection of case studies, including data sets (you'll be asked to provide a bit of information before downloading).

Inference for Proportions

Kerrich Case Study
Lister Case Study
Salk Vaccine Case Study
Smoking and Lung Cancer Case Study
Mendel's Laws of Inheritance Case Study

Inference for Means

Siblings Case Study
Fish Story Case Study
Subliminal Messages Case Study
Backgammon Case Study
Per Capita Income


Archosaur Case Study


Case studies were provided by Dewayne Derryberry of the Math Department at Idaho State University.

Additional case studies are available at Collection: Business Cases and at Collection: Analytics Case Study Library.  Contact mia.stephens for questions, solutions, or additional information.


Revision History:

May 2015: Minor revisions to case studies for JMP 12.

Oct 2015: To download the collection of case studies, along with data sets, use the link at the top of this page.