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May 28, 2014

Collection: Resources for Teaching Engineering Statistics

This page contains resources and information for teaching engineering or industrial statistics with JMP.  Additional tools for teaching DOE can be found here.

  1. One page guides and short videos
  2. Teaching scripts
  3. Webinars
  4. Textbooks and textbook add-ins
  5. Course materials

One page guides and videos (the complete collection of guides and videos can be found at the JMP Learning Library):

Quality and Process

  • Variables Control Charts - I/MR Charts:  Video, Guide
  • Variables Control Charts - XBar Charts:  Video, Guide
  • Attribute Control Charts - P and NP Charts:  Video, Guide
  • Attribute Control Charts - C and U Charts:  Video, Guide
  • Process Capability Analysis:  Video, Guide
  • MSA Continuous Data - Gauge R&R:  Video, Guide
  • MSA Continuous Data - EMP Method:  Video, Guide
  • MSA Attribute Data:  Video, Guide

Reliability and Survival

  • Distribution Fitting (Life Distribution):  Video, Guide
  • Accelerated Life Testing (Fit Life by X):  Video, Guide

Designed Experiments

Teaching Scripts

  • Interactive Teaching Modules (a collection of simulators for teaching core statistical concepts)
  • Statistics Calculator Add-In
  • Capability Analysis JMP Add-In

  • Additional scripts for teaching statistical concepts are in the JMP Sample Scripts directory - go to Help > Sample Data, then click on the Open the Sample Scripts button. Available scripts include demoRedBead (for the red bead exercise), demoFunnelExperiment (for illustrating the rules of the funnel), and scripts for illustrating and exploring a variety of statistical concepts.

Webinars and Journals (the complete collection of webinars can be found here):

Textbooks and Textbook add-ins (textbook add-ins provide easy access to JMP data sets for popular engineering statistics books):

Course Materials from the JMP Education Team at SAS*:

  • JMP Software: Data Exploration
  • JMP Software: ANOVA and Regression
  • JMP Software: Measurement Systems Analysis
  • JMP Software: Statistical Process Control
  • JMP Software: Classic Design of Experiments
  • JMP Software: Custom Design of Experiments
  • JMP Software: Modern Screening Designs
  • JMP Software: Design and Analysis of Mixture Experiments
  • JMP Software: Reliability Analysis for Non-Repairable Systems

*Complementary materials available to qualified instructors for academic course use. The complete listing of courses is here. To request a set of teaching materials, complete this form.

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