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Building Better Models with JMP Pro Textbook Page


Jim Grayson's course materials are attached.  The course was developed prior to the release of the book, so the content doesn't exactly match up.  See the note above for details.  Thanks for sharing Jim!

Bob Nydick's course materials are also attached.  See the description above.  Thank you Bob!

Excellent book and resources.

I have adapted the book for the upcoming Exec MBA Course (ISL680/HCM680: Data Mining) this Fall.


Glad to hear it Prakash!  Thanks!  Hope your semester gets off to a good start!

A professor pointed out that in the dataset there are spaces in front of the values in all of the Nominal columns.  For example, for the variables IntlPlan and VMPlan the values are " yes" and " no", rather than "yes" and "no".  This isn't a problem for modeling, but if you save the prediction formula to the data table and then and enter a new row, you need to enter the values with the space in order for JMP to make a prediction. 

An alternative is to first recode the columns to remove the space.  This is easily done by selecting the columns in the data table, and using Cols > Utilities > Recode - click on the top red triangle in Recode and select Trim Whitespace.

Adding a request from a professor:

I’d like to suggest including a discussion of the FDR (False Discovery Rate) checkbox and what it means in your next edition of Building Better Models with JMP Pro.

Thanks Dave T for the suggestion!