Baggage Complaints Case Study

The Baggage Complaints case study and data.


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Descriptive statistics and time series plots:

Compare the baggage complaints for three airlines: American Eagle, Hawaiian, and United. Using descriptive statistics and time series plots, explore differences between the airlines, whether complaints are getting better or worse over time, and if there are other factors, such as destinations, seasonal effects or the volume of travelers that might affect baggage performance.

JMP features demonstrated:

Graph > Graph Builder, Tables > Tabulate, Formula Editor and Rows > Data Filter

Statistical/graphical tools used"

Time series plots, summary statistics, and calculating rates.


This collection of business case studies was provided by Marlene Smith at the UC Denver Business School.

Note: Updated to JMP 12 May 13, 2015.


Great, simple, exploratory case study - it reminded me of the tabulate facility I've not used in years - and also introduced me to the Data Filter for row selection (so much simpler than my old approach of wrestling with my rows!).

Thank you!

Thanks for your comment!  Glad you found the case study helpful!

Great data and case study! I enjoyed it!

Thanks!  Glad you liked it!