Backgammon Case Study

The Backgammon case study and data sets.


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One-Way ANOVA:

Determine if a backgammon program is about the same in 2011 and 2012 as it was in 1998, or if there appear to have been upgrades at some point. Also, determine whether a professor is demonstrably superior in play to the program.  Key ideas: One-Way ANOVA, testing assumptions, F ratio, R2, and basic computations.

JMP features demonstrated:

Analyze > Distribution, Tables > Stack, Analyze > Fit Y by X, Formula Editor

Statistical/Graphical Tools Used:

Histograms, confidence intervals, stacking data, One-Way ANOVA, Unequal Variances test, one-sample t-Test, ANOVA table and calculations, F Distribution, F ratios.

6683_backgammon stacked.png

Revision History:

5/3/2016:  Fixed an error in the formula on Page 12.  The denominator was changed from n-1 to k-1.  Thanks for a student at the UC San Diego for pointing this out.

Statistics case studies provided by Dewayne Derryberry of the Math Department at Idaho State University.


Fixed an error in the formula on Page 12.