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Interesting Data - Academy Award Winners

Here is some interesting data that I stumbled upon yesterday via a friend:


There is a complete list of Academy Award winners and nominees for 80+ years. 

The JMP File I have attached has only the Actor/Actress awards for leading and supporting roles.  I have amended the data to include how many times each Nominee has received a nomination for leading or supporting roles and the first year they were nominated.

My question was whether individuals with more nominations (say a Merle Streep or a Jack Nicholson) was more likely to win.  Exploring the data finds some interesting results, it seems that there is a growing trend of nominating less experienced (less nominations) among leading actor roles.  I think this may be neat data to play with in a classroom setting.

Jason Brinkley
East Carolina University Biostatistics


Re: Interesting Data - Academy Award Winners

Thanks for sharing Jason! 

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