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Got any cool data?

One of the most common questions I hear is, "Do you know of a good data set for teaching xyz?" While there are hundreds of data sets in the JMP Sample Data directory, and many others posted on the JMP community in the and the case study library in the , finding just the right data for a particular topic can be a challenge.

There are many great sites with open data.  Here, I've listed some of my favorites:

CAUSEweb - Links to Many Sites for Data

30 Places to Find Open Data on the Web

Census at School

UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository

UN Data Explorer


The World Bank

World DataBank - World Development Indicators

The World Top Incomes Database

Bureau of Labor Statistics

ESPN Baseball

State Health Facts

Redfin - Housing price data for cities across the US (added 8/19/2015)

Volker Kraft and Ryan Dewitt added some great sites in their comments.  Adding these sites to this list:

Mortality and life expectancy statistics


Food Inspections | City of Chicago | Data Portal

Data Sources for Cool Data Science Projects: Part 1 | The Data Incubator

Data for Hans Rosling demonstrating the link between religion and babies (http://www.gapminder.org/videos/religions-and-babies/). added 9/28/2015

More sources for census, health, social and demographic data (added 8/19/2015):

IPUMS International Project - international census microdata

IDHS (Integrated Demographic and Health Series) - Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) data for developing nations

What are your favorites sites for finding interesting data?  Have any that we should add to this list? Or, do you have any data sets you can recommend or share with the community?

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Re: Got any cool data?

The European Commission provides a lot of time-dependent data by country, which is great for exploration and mapping. See e.g. the

Mortality and life expectancy statistics

from eurostat.

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Re: Got any cool data?

So many cool data sets out there, linked below is Chicago Restaurant food inspections data set with GPS cords ...try it with a Map background in Graph Builder..Drag the Long and Lad to X and Y then "Results" to Color then select the Fail to visualize some results.

Food Inspections | City of Chicago | Data Portal

(4.3mb, export as XSLX)

I found this from the Data Incubator Blog, they also have a data list there below.

Data Sources for Cool Data Science Projects: Part 1 | The Data Incubator7909_Chicago_Food Inspection - Graph Builder.png

Ryan DeWitt
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Re: Got any cool data?

Very cool Ryan, thanks for sharing!  Look forward to checking this out!


Re: Got any cool data?

At the IASE (International Association of Statistics Educators) Satellite Conference in Rio De Janeiro last month I learned about two sources for international demographic, economic and health data:

  • The IPUMS International Project collects and provides census microdata from around the world for social and economic research projects.
  • The IDHS (Integrated Demographic and Health Series), which provides easy access to organized and consistent Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) data for developing nations, including data on population, health, HIV, and nutrition from surveys in over 90 countries.

These links have been added to the list above.


Re: Got any cool data?

Added redfin.com, which provides easy to download housing price data for US cities.  Simply enter a city, then scroll to the bottom of the list of available properties (on the right) and click Download All.  Note that if city has more than 500 available properties you may need to fine-tune your search.


Thanks to Brant Deppa from Winona State University for sharing this site with us (USCOTS 2015: Exercises for Teaching Statistics Workshop Materials).

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