Where to search for academic resources

JMP user communities provide resources in different places, and the results you get from your search depend on where you search. Here are your options:

1. Academic Resources Center (local search)

Where: Academic Resources Center in the Academic Community


What: Look for academic resources like One-Page Guides or Case Studies provided by the JMP Academic Team.

Tip I: For an overview about different types of resources check out the Collections in the Academic Resources Center.

Tip II: To filter resources by category click on the 'Content' tab.

2. File Exchange (local search)

Where: File Exchange in the main User Community.


What: Look for general (non-academic) add-ins, scripts and sample data files.

3. Main menu (global search)

Where: Search field on Main Menu.


What: Look for content in all JMP communities.

Please let us know if you have difficulties finding resources. Happy searching!

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