Randomization Test Add-in (for Beta testing) is Available!

Its been a long haul, but its finally here!  The beta version of the Randomization Test Add-In is now available on the , thanks to the hard work of Don MacCormack (donMack@jmp) of the JMP Technical Enablement Team. Thank you Don!

This add-in was developed for educational purposes, and was designed to run on JMP 12 and JMP 12 SE.  It includes resample tests for one quantitative response, two unpaired groups (quantitative), and one binary outcome. For design details and background information on teaching statistical concepts using resampling methods, see our talk:A JMP® Add-In for Teaching Statistical Inference Using Resampling Methods.

Download the add-in from Randomization Test Add-In.  Detailed instructions on how to use the add-in are provided. 

Take it on a spin and let us know what you think!  In particular, let us know if you have any questions, and most important, please let us know if you encounter any bugs or critical issues.  Thanks!



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