Academic Webinar Series Recordings Now Available

In case you wanted to attend a live JMP academic webinar and weren't able to make it, or would like to watch a live academic webinar you attended, we're posting recorded versions of our live webinars on the

A listing of all recordings is available as a collection:Collection: Academic Webinar Series Recordings

The collection page links to individual webinar pages. Each webinar page provides direct access to the recording, a description of what was covered during the webinar, the journal used, and any data sets used during the webinar that aren't available in the JMP Sample Data directory.

We'll keep recording our webinars, and will continue to add to this collection.  So, check back often!

For a schedule of upcoming live academic webinars, go to JMP® Webcasts for Academic (US) or Academic Webcasts | JMP (Europe).

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