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Running Python from JSL

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone else is having issues running the Python Execute( ) function (or any of the other Python functions)

It just closes JMP for me without giving an error message


Re: Running Python from JSL

You need to be runing Python 3.6.x and not in a virtual environment.  Preferably 3.6.5+, but not 3.7 or greater.  There are issues running 3.7.x unless it is installed for all users and is on the Path, which is not the default. The Python has to match the bit-ness of JMP, 32-bit Python for 32-bit JMP, 64-bit Python for 64-bit JMP.    Your Python installation needs to have numpy, scipy, pandas, and sqlite3 modules.  There are are at least two positings on the community that go into much greater detail on setting up you Python Init() statment in cases where JMP does not find the appropriate Python version.  You need to call Python Init() before Python Execute().

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Re: Running Python from JSL

Hi also had the same isssue, it would crash even running the example code. Might be worth mentioning those prerequesites in the scripting index script window.

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