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Hello, I wanted to know if there was a way for me to run multiple data transformation (via checkboxes) using a specific target column.  The example I have is that I want to transform my "Y" column because the data in my Y column does not follow a normal distribution curve.  I see the option of manually selecting 1 transformation at a time by right clicking the column header name and then selecting "new formula column" then "transform" and finally using one of the transformation option. I think having the ability to check/select all transformations and having JMP create the additional new columns with the new values would be great.  I recall that we can have JMP run a "Fit Distribution All" option to see which distribution type the data is best represented.  Again, it would be a very nice feature to add if we can do the same with running all of the data transformation and having JMP decide which of the transformation type would work best. Thank you. Tim

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Re: transformation

hi Tim,

take a look at this add in as a first step.

Model Diagnostics and Transformations

in the video at 5:50 it discusses a comparison of results with different transformations of the Y.


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