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setting bivariate axis wrap

I have a script which creates many bivariate plots and then journals them to use as an internal report. However, the default wrap for the axis is very short for my long labels. The platform ends up putting them in two text boxes and I would like to have them in one long text box even if the end is cut off. I have tried to do this a few ways with no luck. I have a few questions and hopefully you may have some suggestions to help me resolve my inquiry.

1. is there a way to set a default wrap for a platform or for jmp in general either in the preferences or by script?

2. if a bivariate or any other platform for that matter is created, how do you adjust axisbox wrap?

3. is there a way to adjust the axis wrap prior to the graph being generated so that it does not automatically form into two text boxes?

4. if you can not adjust the axisbox wrap, how do you get the two texteditboxes to merge into one and then adjust the width so that it looks like there was only one text box?

any help would be appreciated. this is not a big deal but just bothers me a little.



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