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searching for a folder.

I have a code to accept folder name as input .Now I want to check if the folder exists in one of the 2 paths (pathA and PathB).

I was also able to achieve this but the challenge is,

I have many folders in these 2 paths and I dont know the name of these before-hand.

I tried using 

filelist=Files In Directory( path1, recursive);

but this doesnt work for folders. 

Level IV

Re: searching for a folder.

Will this help you?

If( Directory Exists( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Loss Function Templates" ),

Re: searching for a folder.

Your code example uses the wrong syntax. Here is an example of the correct syntax:


Files In Directory( "$SAMPLE_DATA", Recursive( 1 ) );

The items in the list that is returned are full paths, so you can examine each one to find the target folders.

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Re: searching for a folder.

descend = Function( {path},
	{candidates, i},
	If( !Ends With( path, "/" ) & !Ends With( path, "\" ),
		path = path || "/"
	candidates = Files In Directory( path ); // not recursive
	For( i = 1, i <= N Items( candidates ), i += 1,
		If( Is Directory( path || candidates[i] ),
			Write( "\!n", path || candidates[i] ); // <<<<<< do something
			descend( path || candidates[i] ); // optionally, recurse

descend( "c:\program files" );

If you don't want to explore sub directories, comment out the recursive line.

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