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scripting "table»subset»by" problems

I create tables by subsetting a data table and then later I pick up one of them and work with it.

If I choose no name for the subsetted tables then the JMP gives automatically the subset by column name and put an equation and then the variables by order. In my case the subset table is YEAR OF STAY=2015. I copy the script from the source and paste it to the script. And when i run the script the subsetted data table names change to main data table name space and sequnce numbers starting from 1. In this case "Subset of Comment Social Media 1", "Subset of Comment Social Media 2"... Moreover If I write something in that box of "Output Table Name" it is not recorded and even if i copy the source script running the script will result as "Subset of Comment Social Media 1", "Subset of Comment Social Media 2". This means I can only run once the subset command and work with the data tables created. What I'm gonna do to subset the main data table again which has its own unique name I cedide before it gets created and I can call a script on it.. Please watch the video...

Any idea highly appreciated

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Re: scripting "table»subset»by" problems

You can add the statement

  output table("xxx")

in your script,  then xxx will be used as the prefix for the table name of the subsets generated.

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Re: scripting "table»subset»by" problems

Thank you ChungWei,

Would you please implement the command in the script below please, I couldn't do it.

Many thanks in advance

dtmaster << Subset(

        By( :YEAR OF STAY ),

        All rows,

        Selected columns only( 0 ),


            :ORIGINAL TITLE,



            :TRAVELED AS,


            :SOURCE TYPE,



            :MONTH OF STAY,

            :PUBLISH DATE,

            :PUBLISH DATE.,

            :REVIEW NUMBER,

            :Name( "Month[PUBLISH DATE]" ),


            :SEMANTICS POS,


            :SEMANTICS NEG,


            :CSI All,

            :CSI Source,

            :CSI Year,

            :CSI Year Site,


            :N REVIEWS 100%,


            :LOYALTY INDEX 2,

            :LOYALTY INDEX by MARKET,

            :ROLLING AVERAGE,




            :Name( "Year[PUBLISH DATE]" ),

            :SUBMIT DATE,

            :MONTH OF SUBMIT DATE,

            :MONTH OF SUBMIT D,









            :CHILD FRIENDLY,


            :SLEEP QUALITY,














            :CHILD FRIENDLY.,

            :SLEEP QUALITY.,


            :GRM RESPONSE,

            :WEEK OF THE YEAR,

            :Long Date Submit,

            :Long Date Submit 2,


            :Name( "Month Year[PUBLISH DATE]" ),

            :Name( "Cumulative[N REVIEWS 100%]" ),

            :Name( "Year Week[PUBLISH DATE]" ),

            :Name( "REVIEW DATE/ID" )



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Re: scripting "table»subset»by" problems

by the way, the 2 problems that you pointed out have been reported as bugs.

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Re: scripting "table»subset»by" problems

Does "have been reported as bugs" mean they will be fixed with the next update? I met lot of weird things (dunno how do you identify a missing thing as bug) during reporting and I would be glad if they get fixed with the coming updates which makes me a better reporter.

Many thanks

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Re: scripting "table»subset»by" problems

Hi Sait,

We will address them as quickly as possible. JMP 12.1, with a number of fixes, will be released next week. The issues reported in this thread won't be in that release, but if we can get them into JMP 12.2 we will.


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