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reliability data example?


I am new using this software. Is there an example how to enter & analyze reliability data? Please let me know

thank you


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Re: reliability data example?

Hello Joe,

One of the JMP Systems Engineers, Erich Gundlach erich.gundlach, presented a 1-hour webcast using some case studies.  It is divided into three videos: Here is a link to 3 videos extracted from the webcast:
Reliability Analysis | JMP

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Re: reliability data example?

HI Gail,

Good video. What if you have interval censored data instead of exact time

to fail? How do you handle that?

Thank you


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Re: reliability data example?

Hi Joe,

If you have interval-censored data, you specify two Time columns in the launch dialog for the reliability platforms that support interval censoring. The sample data table in the Reliability subfolder is a good example of such data. It contains both right-censored and interval-censored observations. When using two Time columns, specify both of them to have the same value for rows that represent exact failure times (no censoring).

Hope that helps,

Michael Crotty
Sr Statistical Writer
JMP Development
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