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"Save Picture" Message Re-formats Display Box

I saw one similar topic on these forums but the question was never answered.

Why, after explicitly formatting the legend (Frame Box) in my Contour Plot display box, does it appear correctly in JMP, but then, when I save it as a JPEG or PNG, revert to its default ugly formatting?

Eval( Eval Expr(
C=Contour Plot(
  X( :ROW#, :COL# ),
  Y( Eval(YY) ),
  By( :WAFER ),

  Show Data Points(1),

  Show Missing Data Points(1),
    "Contour Plot",
    {Marker Size( 6 ), DispatchSeg(
     Marker Seg( 2 ),
     {Color( "Medium Light Gray" )}
     Dispatch( {},"Contour Legend", FrameBox,{Frame Size(110,200)}) //THIS IS THE LINE THAT EFFECTIVELY GETS IGNORED
) );

//STOP here, legend displays all 6 contours vertically stacked - CORRECT

C<<Save Picture(PIC_STRING,JPEG);

//STOP here, legend has been changed, list now horizontal, picture saves this version, cuts off half the values  - INCORRECT

Even stranger is that the other dispatch I send to the report, which makes the markers extra large, does not get reverted. Does it have something to do with the default size of JPEG or PNG files?

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Re: "Save Picture" Message Re-formats Display Box

Nevermind. According to JMP support, this is a known issue, and a useable workaround is to insert "wait(0.1)" immediately before saving a plot to JPEG.

Alternatively, I found that writing to a journal, and then saving the journal as a JPEG works as well.

Both approaches, however, turn an already slow job into an even slower job (takes about 3-4 minutes for 400 pictures)

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