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put a logo into a GUI


Community Trekker


Jul 2, 2012

I am attempting to put a company logo into a GUI. So far I have experimented with converting a jpeg into hex code and using a picture box function, but this has been a bit of a dead end. If anyone has experience with this or any suggestions, I would be extremely grateful!


Hi - something like this should do it:

logo = "c:\MyLogo.png";

logobox = graph box(Frame Size(200, 100), xscale(0, 100), yscale(0, 100),

     << add image(


          bounds(left(0), right(100), top(100), bottom(0)),




logobox[axis box(2)] << delete; // get rid of the Y axis;

logobox[axis box(1)] << delete; // get rid of the X axis;

nw = new window("My Window", logobox);

(I'd like to have pasted in a small script here, but I find I can't: half the text is missing every time I try.  Does anyone know why this would be?)




Community Trekker


Oct 28, 2011


I have the same problem to put a logo in a report. I tried your code, however it seem not work using a a png file in my c disk. Can you send me your JSL again to my email address,  I guess if i miss some word using the posted code.

Hi - I've just emailed you a copy of the script; however I've just checked the copy I originally posted and tried running it in both JMP 9 and JMP 10 with both a PNG image and a JPEG, and all seem to work.  Are you running JMP 8 by any chance?  I don't have a copy of that version on which to check it, but I suspect it probably wouldn't work before version 9.