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prediction profiler for logistic regression - save as flash

i would like to save a prediction profiler of a logistic regression as a flash object. i am using jmp 10 for windows.

first i produce the analysis, then save the prediction formula and run it in the "graph>>profiler" pltform using the "expand intermediate formulas option".


the profiler reproduces itself very well except for the fact that the menu does not offer to save as flash. any recommendations? or is it just impossible?



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Re: prediction profiler for logistic regression - save as flash

I actually found two alternative solutions for this issue.

1. If the sample is not too large: run the model as GLM (generalized linear model) using binary and logit. saving the prediction formula will allow the usage of the profiler and saving as Flash.

2. alternatively, if you have the original saved formula of the logistic regression use the profiler platform and save the expanded formula. the expanded formula allows presentation using the profiler platform and saving as flash.

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