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possible to save script modifying data table?

I will be repeatedly creating a jmp data table using a .csv file (from Qualtrics survey software), modifying the data table (by creating variables, particularly, and perhaps deleting rows). I will do this again several times with an updated .csv file, with added cases. I don't want to have to redo time-consuming steps (like using conditional statements to build new variables) every time. I am wondering if there's a way, when I build a new variable using the jmp formula window, to save the script for what I did (and I will be building lots of windows), and so I can simply run the script each time. I hope this is clear. I talked to JMP tech support and was led to believe that I'd have to learn scripting for this (i.e., to write script because jmp won't generate the script as I make such modifications). I thought I'd ask this group before biting the bullet. Thanks

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