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percentage calculation from each 10 row

Dear all,


I try to calculate percentage of each row from dividing the mean of each 10 row values. For example at the attached jmp file;

I try to calculate the percentage of columns written on "Equipment 1 Result (mcg/dose)" such as row 2 value: 43,16 is divided to the mean of the first 10 dose result which is 43,83  and 43,16/43,83*100=98 calculation can be shown on column "Equipment 1 Result (%)" For the second 10 row mean is used for percentage calculation of individual results of second 10 rows. The samething also needed  for  Equipment 2 results (mcg/dose) and Equipment 2 Result(%). 


Each 10 row percentages calculated seperately. 

Is there a way applying this?


Super User

Re: percentage calculation from each 10 row

Attached is a copy of your data table, with a new calculated version of your Results 1 column.  The formula I used is

base = Modulo( Row(), 10 );
If( base == 0, base = 10 );
base = (Row() - base) + 1;
:Name( "Equipment 1 Result(mcg/dose)" ) / 
	Mean( :Name( "Equipment 1 Result(mcg/dose)" )[Index( base, base + 9 )] );

Please note, I did not multiply the result by 100, but rather, left it as a percent, and used a persent format to display the value.  JMP will use this format in all of the platforms, making the graphs/reports more readable.  If you don't want it used that way, simply add back in the *100, and change the format for the column back to "Best".

I did not include the Equipment 2 calculated column....It is just a very simple change from the fomula listed above.


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