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new user

l am thinking about trying the 30 day trial for jmp software. l have no
knowledge of using any statistical programs in the past. Does anyone have
any advice before l down load the trial.

l want to use it to analyze historical numbers for possible
predictions. Has anyone used it for this purpose before ?
Staff (Retired)

Re: new user

Well you certainly did a good job already with your choice. JMP is very interactive and visual. I highly recommend that you utilize the HELP pull down menu. There you can find many things of use for a new user. Specifically try the tutorials as well as discovering JMP. There are a lot of resources available to you as well and every Friday there is a free getting started with JMP WebEx that I highly recommend. There is also many sample data files for you to explore and the analysis of these files is often contained right in the data table as a script that you can run and visulaize the results. You can then try and get the same analysis on your own and compare it to the scripted analysis. It all depends what type of learner you are so try any and all approaches that address your need. If you find that you are interested after your trial JMP Start Statistics is an excellent book to have in addition to your on line manuals.

Re: new user

Thanks for the positive words Lou, l have down loaded it and am on the trial. l have
signed up for web ex Friday. l definitely am going to need it LOL. l am looking for someone
in my city that uses the software, it would be so easy to back test my numbers with
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