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multiple file import of a partial file

I have multiple files with two lines on the top that give me information about the test conditions.

from the third line, there is a header and then the data.


I use the multiple file import with header line listed as 3 and data starts from line 4.  THis works wonderfully.


However, I would like to also take the data from the first two lines (a header line (of 3 headers) and 3 pieces of data).


I thought I would do a join of the two sets of tables since I willl import file name and/or date from both of them.


However, I cannot import the second set of data without importing the first set together with it and making a mess of my table.  In a single import file, there is a lines to read option which I can set to reading only two lines.  If I cannot find a better solution, I will use a for loop like i used to in the old days before multiple file import existed, and open each table separately to get this data.


I would prefer a way to use the multiple file import and set it to only give me the first two lines of the file.  Is there a way to do this?






Re: multiple file import of a partial file


Yes, I understand your problem. I can't see a way to specify when the data ends or the number of data rows to import. You could request this through the JMP Wish List.



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