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Community Member


Jul 1, 2015

losing rows when splitting a table


I have a table with ca 30000 rows that I want to reorganize by splitting according to two parameters. That should give me a Table with ca 450 rows, but in stead it ends up with ca 330 rows. So lots of my data are lost, and if I use  fewer rows this doesn't happen. My point is - this should not happen - no warning is given, I am clueless as to why this happens.

I did the same procedure last week (working on an expired license), on a similar table, without any problems, renewed by my license and now this happens.

Has anyone experienced this? Greatful for any tips!



Community Manager


Jun 23, 2011

Re: losing rows when splitting a table

I don't think there's any way to answer this question without seeing an example of the data table in question.

Could you post a sample that still exhibits the problem you're encountering?

If you're unable to do that, perhaps you could contact Tech Support and provide them an example privately for assistance.