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large data table box creation


I started to summarized data using Tabulate function but now I'm more likely willing to us table box

Still I have some issue as for example for few parameters it is OK to type in the code but if I have 100 lines then is there a way to avoid typing the code up to a9[100] for example?

Table Box(
String Col Box( "Region", {a0[1][1], a0[1][2], a0[1][3], a0[1][4], a0[1][5], a0[1][6], a0[1][7], a0[1][8], a0[1][9], a0[1][10]} ),
String Col Box( "CAR", {a0[2][1], a0[2][2], a0[2][3], a0[2][4], a0[2][5], a0[2][6], a0[2][7], a0[2][8], a0[2][9], a0[2][10]} ),
Number Col Box( "Mean", {a1[1], a1[2], a1[3], a1[4], a1[5], a1[6], a1[7], a1[8], a1[9], a1[10]} ),
Number Col Box( "StDev", {a2[1], a2[2], a2[3], a2[4], a2[5], a2[6], a2[7], a2[8], a2[9], a2[10]} ),
Number Col Box( "Min", {a4[1], a4[2], a4[3], a4[4], a4[5], a4[6], a4[7], a4[8], a4[9], a4[10]} ),
Number Col Box( "Max", {a3[1], a3[2], a3[3], a3[4], a3[5], a3[6], a3[7], a3[8], a3[9], a3[10]} ),
Number Col Box( "Count", {a9[1], a9[2], a9[3], a9[4], a9[5], a9[6], a9[7], a9[8], a9[9], a9[10]} ))
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Re: large data table box creation

If I am understanding your question, I believe the following illustrates how to handle large table box definitions.  The lists and matrices can be of any length

Names Default To Here( 1 );

a0 = {{"one one", "one two"}, {"two one", "two two"}};

a2 = [1, 2];

a3 = [4, 5];

New Window( "test",

       Table Box(

              String Col Box( "Region", a0[1] ),

              String Col Box( "Car", a0[2] ),

              Number Col Box( "Mean",  a2  ),

              Number Col Box( "StDev", a3  )




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Re: large data table box creation

Ha!! thank you.

sometimes it is so obvious that I really search super complicated way!!

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