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keyboard shortcuts


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Jul 2, 2015

I want to know are there keyboard shortcuts when we use JMP. such as ,when we use Graph Builder draw a mapping ,we may add a label ,hide a row etc  with right  click .9219_2015-05-30_073707.png


Community Manager


Feb 27, 2013

A list of general keyboard shortcuts are available from JMP in HELP>BOOKS and also here: Keyboard Shortcuts and Menu Descriptions

JMP is very context sensitive, and each graph has different options associated with the type of data and statistics displayed.  In general, right clicking on an axis or graph or legend gives you options.  And of course the red triangle, when available, gives options.

Some platforms have their own keyboard shortcuts.  You can look them up from JMP>HELP>SEARCH or from the online documentation at  When using, remember to use the search box on the page, not on the top of the page.   The box on the page searches ONLY documentation, rather than all of

While you are in a platform, the ? tool hovered over a graph or statistic will open HELP and that is also a way to see if there are any keyboard shortcuts for that platform.

9228_Keyboard Shortcuts from JMP HELP.png

For example, see  or for Surface Plot Keyboard Shortcuts documentation search.JPG



Jun 5, 2014

Or as Gail Massari taught me many moons ago..."Right click is your friend."


Community Manager


Jun 23, 2011

The rows menu that you've referenced is a contextual version of the Rows menu from the main menu.

9225_Parallels DesktopScreenSnapz001.png

So, you can use View -> Customize -> Menus and Toolbars to assign keyboard shortcuts to any of those commands.

9226_Parallels DesktopScreenSnapz002.png

Be aware though that the shortcuts won't show up in the contextual rows menu from a right click. Also note that you must have some rows/points selected in the graph for the command to operate on.