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jmp 11 scale axis with hand

Prior to JMP 11 I could use the hand and the axis would scale nicely without a lot of clutter, meaning the scale/increment was appropriate and there were not a lot of ticks and numbers. This would make copy and pasting easy. Now the hand is not as effective and there are way more ticks and numbers on the scale than I want. Was this intentional? Are there any options for a better, less cluttered scale?


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Re: jmp 11 scale axis with hand

We did make a number of changes in JMP 11 to try to make the axes look better when adjusting them with the hand tool. I think they are better in most cases but it sounds like you've run across a case where we may have made it worse.

Please contact technical support and provide them with an example of the problem so we can try to address it in a future release.