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invoking GAMS

I have moved from traditional spreadsheets to JMP and JMP/R  for much of my work. However, I use GAMS software (General Algebraic Modeling System) for quite a lot of my own research and for student-led research to do optimization modeling. It is kind of an industry standard anymore. Has anyone tried to put together scripts that allows one to invoke GAMS through JMP and then return results to JMP? The solvers in GAMS are quite good (especially the mcp solver) but the use of JMP to create the inputs and evaluate the outputs are quite superior to GAMS and its extensions.  I've attached the usual introductory program file (text file) that many of us use to learn to program in gams for those that might be interested but are not real familiar with GAMS. The idea would be to develop the data tables and parameters in JMP, run the program through GAMS,  and then bring the results back into JMP.

(A tutorial on how to create a script like that would be nice too). Thanks.

- Roger Coupal

University of Wyoming

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