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improvement on current taste test

For one of our line of products, we often do taste testing in order to prove that less of it leaches out into the test substance (water) than other products or formulations. The test methodology is to do an extraction into water and then do comparative taste testing by at least 10 people. Based on work that our corporate operations research department did over a decade ago, they estimated that better than 8/10 preference represents a significant difference at p=0.05.

For example:

Formulation A vs Formulation B = 11 vs 2 preference

Formulation A vs Formulation C = 8 vs 6 preference

Formulation B vs Formulation C = 5 vs 10 preference

(note that the number of comparison is not the same in all examples, this is on purpose)

Conclusions: Formulation A is better than formulation B;  Formulations B and C have no significant difference; Formulation A and C have no significant difference.

My 2 questions:

-Have insights in taste testing improved since then, and

-What would be a good way to setup a test like this in JMP, especially when there are not 3 but 10 formulations and a group of 25 people out of whom a random 15 might do any individual comparison?



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Re: improvement on current taste test

We did something along these lines in the JMP group, comparing potato chips. To get more information, we used multiple groups of 3 potato chips, where individuals would specify their favorite and least favorite in each group. Related to what's in JMP 12: the design blog and the analysis blog.

JMP 13 has more analysis tools, New Features in Choice Modeling for JMP® and JMP® Pro 13 and even a MaxDiff designer for the design side.

You can still do 2 at time comparisons instead of 3 (and use the choice modeler/designers).

Hope this helps,