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how to evaluate a variable in a string "" and how to use set property for setting Scale(Min\Max)


Can you please help answer?

1. How do i  evaluate a variable which part of the string ?

  for e.g.  "USL(40uA)"     lets assume    variable  spec_test = 40

        now how do i execute this inside ....    "USL(Eval(spec_test)uA)"  ? This is not working for me.


2.  I want to Set Property for the Axis  Min, Max and Increment values? What is the syntax to do so?

for e.g.

Column(idled, "Test_data" ) << Set Property("Spec Limits",{USL( 657 ), Show Limits( 1 ), Add Ref Line, 2 ,5, "USL(657mA)", 1.5 )});
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