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Sep 29, 2014

how to carry over value gradient value color to Interactive html output

Hi all,

I have a data set with columns and columns with value coloring and value gradients. I am looking for a way to carry over these 2 color coding functionsof JMP to the .html output of export»interactive html results but I couldn't find yet. Any ideas?




May 30, 2014

Re: how to carry over value gradient value color to Interactive html output

Hi Sait,

I may not fully understand your question. If you are looking to export the table with its colors to Interactive HTML,

we don't support that directly, but you may have a look at how to save data table(colored cells) to html? for ideas.

If you are looking to create and export a report where a gradient color is applied to the markers in the report, you could set the "Row Legend" to use the "Score" column.  To do this, right click in the graph and from the popup menu, choose "Row Legend...".  You will see the "Mark by Column" dialog:


The dialog will show your data table's columns on the left. After you choose the "Score" column and a color scheme that matches the gradient you applied to the "Score" column, click OK and you will see the markers in your report using the gradient colors and a legend beside the graph. Then, when you export to Interactive HTML, these colors and the legend should be present.

If these suggestions don't answer your question, please let us know.