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how can i learn JMP ???

I just got certified with base and advanced sas9. I have completed my M.Sc. in Biotech. I want to know if I can learn JMP ... Please guide me on this. Thank you.

Re: how can i learn JMP ???

Good morning,
I am a SAS employee and have some information for you regarding JMP training.
SAS Education has several courses to teach you how to use JMP Software. The intro course is "JMP Software: Data Exploration," which is offered in several formats including public classroom, Live Web classroom and self-paced e-Learning.
All JMP courses are listed here:
And the course outline for JMP Software: Data Exploration is here:
Hope this helps!

Re: how can i learn JMP ???

The SAS Education classes are excellent.

Another possible idea is to visit JMP's website, and download the 30 day free trial of JMP 9, and start using it. When you open JMP, go to the menu Help > Books and look at Discovering JMP. It is a quick, easy read that gives an overview of JMP. After looking it over, you should be comfortable with the look-and-feel of JMP.

Congratulations on the SAS Certifications. Like you, I know that SAS is very powerful when it comes to handling data. But, if you want to really interact with your data, the DATA step and PROCs are not satisfying. JMP is very interactive, and allows you to visually tell the stories your data wants to tell! Also, you don't have to abandon SAS if you use JMP. You can write and submit SAS code from within JMP.
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