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freeze and subset


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Aug 11, 2013

Dear ,

have two questions:

1: how to freeze pans or row/column in JMP like what we do in excel ?

2: for the subset table, usually from one master table, I create different subset based on my study purpose and save it in different name, from there do some graph plotting accordingly. this situation usually give me many different tables

there is a software which just need save the master table (including all rows), you can create your owner subset as different name, said "purpose 1" "Purpose 2" , under the master table subset selection, you can choose the subset , then the master table will only show the subset data  and the corresponding plotting will appear (just like, one table switch among the master table and different subset tables). this situation allow me save only one table


if there a way JMP can do this ?

thank you

Merry Christmas ahead :-)


Super User


Jun 23, 2011

You can't freeze rows in JMP, but you can freeze columns.  Right-click on a column in the list of all columns on the left side of the dataset, and select Scroll lock/Unlock.  This will have the same effect as freeze columns in Excel.

Regarding subsets you could accomplish this in a couple of different ways.

1. Use data filters.  These are most effective in graphical output but can also be used with datasets.

2a. Create a subset from your table.  Click on the red triangle for Source in the subset table and select copy.

2b. Switch to your original table and in the table "panel" in the upper left click paste. 

2c. Rename Source to something meaningful, like "Female Subset".

Now you have a program in your original dataset, that when you click on the triangle and select Run, will produce the desired subset.  Note that this is row number-based, so if the original table changes you're out of luck.